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Program in English

The Mayor of the City of Kraków Jacek Majchrowski and the Directors of Kraków's Museums invite you to:

The 10th Night of the Museums in Kraków.


May 17/18 2013

The collection. Share your passion


Museums open from 7:00pm to 1:00am


6:00pm, National Museum in Kraków – Czapiski Palace, ul. Marszałka Józefa Piłsudskiego 10-12 – inauguration of the 10th Night of the Museums, 2013



Academy of Fine Arts Museum in Kraków

pl. Matejki 13, tel. 12 299 20 29


Museum of Archaeology

ul. Poselska 3, tel. 12 422 71 00 ext. 50

7:00pm-2:00am (last entry at 1:00pm)

·         permanent and temporary exhibitions open

·         exhibition in the museum garden: The Mikorzyn stones – a wishful forgery

·         nighttime visit to the underground of the Church of St. Wojciech, Kraków (Market Square) – exhibit: Happenings of the Kraków Market Square and the Church of St. Wojciech

·         Archeobus: trip to the palace and park complex in Branice. Meeting at 5:00pm on ul. Poselska 3 (viewing of exhibit Ukraine over the ages). Return to Kraków approx. 10:00pm. Reservation via e-mail: wozniak@ma.krakow.pl


    Cardinal Karol Wojtyła Archdiocese Museum

    ul. Kanonicza 19-21, tel. 12 628 82 11


Museum of the Home Army

 ul. Wita Stwosza 12, tel. 12 410 07 70

·         historical reconstructions

·         film showing Cichociemni

·         lectures: Legal issues and collecting and Museum collection. Historical sources in the collections of the Home Army Museum

·         concert of the AIRIS string quartet and the Kraków rap artist Tadek

·         soldier's split-pea soup



Ethnographic Museum in Kraków

Town Hall, pl. Wolnica 1, tel. 12 430 55 63

·         permanent exhibition Polish folk culture


Esterka House, ul. Krakowska 46, tel.12 430 60 23


Collegium Medicum Museum of Pharmacy

ul. Floriańska 25, tel. 12 421 92 79




Geological Museum ING PAN

ul. Senacka 1-3, tel. 12 422 19 10


Geological Museum of the Jagiellonian University Institute of Geological Sciences

ul. Oleandry 2a, tel. 12 663 24 82 


Geological Museum of the Faculty of Geology, Geophysics and Environmental Protection,

al. Mickiewicza 30, tel. 12 617 23 65



Museum of History of Photography, Kraków

ul. Józefitów 16, tel. 12 634 59 32

·         permanent exhibition: The history of photography

·         temporary exhibition: The turbulence of emptiness - works of the pioneers of Japanese photography at the end of the 19th century

·         exhibition: Patriotic fashion

·         photography gadgets – worth collecting?

·         photographic studio scenography – opportunity to photograph oneself in a scene from a photographic studio from the turn of the 19th-20th centuries


Historical Museum of the City of Kraków

Krzysztofory Palace, Market Square 35, tel. 12 422 15 04


Barbican, ul. Basztowa


Defensive walls, ul. Pijarska


City Hall Tower, Market Square 1

Pomorska St. Branch, ul. Pomorska 2


History of Nowa Huta Branch, os. Słoneczne 16

Nowa Huta film collection:


Schindler's Factory, ul. Lipowa 4

·         11:00pm–1:00am showing of animation by Gil Alkabetz, film room


House of the Hippolytes, pl. Mariacki  3


Old Synagogue, ul. Szeroka 24

7:00pm–1:00am (exposition rooms, ground floor)


The Underground Market Square, Rynek Główny 1

Time: 6:00pm-1:00am

Tickets: entrance tickets distributed to those in the queue from 6:00pm–8:45pm, entrance for those with reservation by Internet from 9:00pm–11:45pm



"Pod Orłem" Pharmacy, pl. Bohaterów Getta 18



Zwierzyniecki House, ul. Królowej Jadwigi 41                                                                                                 




Museum of Civil Engineering

ul. św. Wawrzyńca 15, tel. 12  421 12 42

opening hours: 7:00pm–midnight


Garden of Experiences, al. Pokoju 68, Park Lotników Polskich

opening hours: 6:00pm-10:00pm



Museum of Polish Flight

al. Jana Pawła II 39, tel. 12 642 87 00

·         theatre presentation The Ballad of Jan Wnęk

·         Lampionada

·         lecture by Jan Hoffmann Past, present and future pioneers of flight technology, viewing of interior of selected airplanes and helicopters

·         continual displays of films about flight-related subjects

·         music by the Kraków musician Krzysztof Suchodolski  

·         light displays and a surprise


"Rydlówka" Museum of Young Poland

ul. Włodzimierza Tetmajera 28, Bronowice Małe, tel. 12 637  07 50


·         permanent exhibition – guided tour at the top of every hour, last entrance at midnight

·         9:00pm documentary film showing One time around. The story of Maria Rydlowa

·         open workshops on various types of artisanship conducted by ŻyWa Pracownia (incl. making traditional wedding dolls and coloring tapestries with Kraków-themed embroideries)

·         opportunity to create your own graphic prints with commemorative logo

·         workshops in traditional dances with live music


National Museum in Kraków

Main Hall, al. 3 Maja 1

Gallery of 20th-century Polish Art

·         8:00pm tour of the Gallery of 20th-century Polish Art

·         temporary exhibition Witold Kaczanowski – a display of the Artist's gifts

Gallery of Craft Art

·         7:00pm–1:00am The museum of sound. A sound microscope – mobile application and possibility to create one's own soundtrack

·         temporary exhibition Prince Józef Poniatowski (1763–1813). Mementos and images in the National Museum's collections on the 200th anniversary of his death

Gallery "Weapons and color in Poland"



Gallery of 19th-century Polish Art in Sukiennice

Market Square 3

·         7:00pm–1:00am showing of archive photos of the Cloth Hall and Gallery interior

·         8:00pm, 9:00pm, 10:00pm The history of collections in Cloth Halls: the beginnings of the National Museum in Kraków – themed tour


Szołayski House

pl. Szczepański 9


Jan Matejko House

ul. Floriańska 41


Józef Mehoffer House

ul. Krupnicza 26

·         7:00pm and midnight guided tour

·         7:30pm–9:00pm Drawers full of treasures: let's make a joint collection – artistic workshops for children. Led by: Gabriela Wiśniewska

·         9:00pm concert Aleksander Tchórzewski(viola)

·         10:00pm A visit to the fashion house. Presentation of collections by Zofia Minderowa – showing of clothing from the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries

·         11:00pm concert Oliwia Kruszelnicka and Wioletta Fluda – pieces by Szymanowski


Gallery of Antique Art – Arsenal – Museum of the Czartoryski Princes

ul. Pijarska 8

·         ancient art: Egyptian, Greek, Etruscan and Roman

·         7:00pm From travel souvenir to collection: the Egyptian travels of Prince August Czartoryski – tour for children

·         8:00pm Miss Rousset's mission, the agent of Prince Władysław Czartoryski – tour for adults

·         9:30pm–10:30pm From Dionysus to Plautus: from the Greek god to the Roman comedy of errors – reading Blaut's Twins

·         11:00pm–midnight Tell her something nice and original – reading the comedy Orange chase by Adam K. Czartoryski


Palace of Bishop Erazm Ciołko

ul. Kanonicza 17

·         7:00pm–9:00pmDiscover the Czerwieński treasure – open workshop for children

·         8:00pm–11:00pmDiscover the collection of emotion and experiences in the Gallery of Early Polish Art – activities for adults in the gallery's space, tasks for individual activities

·         7:00pm, 9:00pm tour through galleries: Early Polish Art. The 12th-18th century and Church Art of the Old Republic

·         showing of the restoration: The eglomised altarpiece from Biecz – a rescued treasure

·         temporary exhibition: Czerwień – the settlement between East and West

·         permanent exhibits: Gallery "Early Polish Art. The 12th-18th centuries", Gallery "Church Art of the Old Republic", Study collection of architectural sculpture "Kraków within reach"

·         9:30pm concert by the artists of Loch Camelot


Emeryk Hutten-Czapski Museum

ul. Piłsudskiego 10–12

·         8:00pm, 10:00pm, midnight Just before the June 2013 opening– pre-premier tour of the Museum – as part of the European Center of Polish Numismatics at the National Museum in Kraków – led by: curators of the Numismatic Office (participation limited, reservations: jzychowska@muzeum.krakow.pl)


EUROPEUM Center of European Culture

pl. Sikorskiego 6

·         8:30pm–11:00pm Just before the September 2013 opening presentation of the building with group tours (participation limited, first come-first served, tour time approx. 30 min)

·         7:00pm group activities (courtyard)

·         8:30pm performance by the Choir of Comprehensive HS 5

·         9:00pm nighttime cinema in the courtyard



Niepołomickie Museum in the Royal Castle

Niepołomice, ul. Zamkowa 2, tel.12 281 30 11


·         Polish art of the 19th century from the National Museum in Kraków collection – viewing of the gallery at Cloth Hall 2, European treasures of the National Museum from the Czartoryski Museum in Kraków

·         viewing of an exhibit enriched with theatre scenes titled Past collections ripped from dreams, directed by Anna Piróg - Karaszkiewicz

·         book collection of B.P. Szymański – 18th-century collection of books on the history of the Church

·         collection of Prince Leon Sapieha – African trophies and the exhibit Africa 1900, photographs by Włodzimierz Val Giełgud

·         exhibitions of Niepołomickie collectors

At the Local Branch: permanent exhibition: antique everyday items

At the Center of Sound and Speech: film showings accompanied by candlelight and conservation advice


Paleobotanical Museum, Institute of Botany, Jagiellonian University

ul. Kopernika 31 (next to the Botanical Gardens), tel. 12 663 36 46

·         The history of plants on Earth – fossils from the collection of the Kraków collector Zygmunt Holcer (1925-2004)

·         Vegetation on the banknotes of African countries

·         multimedia presentation What can we learn from the fossils of the Zygmunt Holcer collection (1925-2004)


Museum of Rescuers

ul. Rzemieślnicza 10

Attention! The exhibition will be held at the Fire Brigade station no. 1, ul. Westerplatte 19

·         open temporary exhibition 140 years of the Kraków Fire Brigade


Museum of the Old Theatre

ul. Jagiellońska 1, tel. 12 422 85 66

As part of the game:



Museum of Japanese Art and Technique "Manggha"

ul. Konopnickiej 26, tel. 012-267-14-38


·         exhibits: Main gallery: Utamaro. Another look, Middle gallery: Thomas May installations, Lobby: Geisha. The Essence of Beauty

·         Photography of Małgorzata Thébaud Olejniczak

·         Hall: two glass cabinets - kanzashi by Kinga Owczarska

·         quiz to the exhibit Utamaro. Another look

·         kanzashi hair decoration workshop with Kinga Owczarska

·         demonstration of geisha makeup by Małgorzata Thébaud Olejniczak

·         tea ceremony - SENSHINKAI Chadou Urasenke Tankōkai Society


Museum of Modern Art

ul. Lipowa 4, tel. 12 263 40 01


Collegium Maius Jagiellonian University Museum

ul. Jagiellońska 15, tel. 12 422 05 49


Zoological Museum, Collegium Zoologicum, Jagiellonian University

ul. R. Ingardena 6, tel. 12 663 24 14


·                     poster exhibition Great scientists and their collections at the JU Zoological Museum

·                     viewing of exhibition A panorama of the Earth's fauna

·                     presentation of a portion of the collection of butterflies and flies

·                     possibility to view the scientific butterfly collection (every half-hour from 7:00pm to 9:30pm)

·                     display of live invertebrates, including spiders, cockroaches, locusts (6:30pm-10:00pm)


Kraków Salt Mines Museum in Wieliczka – Żupny Palace

Wieliczka - ul. Zamkowa 8, tel. 12 278 58 49

Żupny Palace:

Museum on the 3rd floor of the Salt Mine:

Reserve your trip to the Museum in the mine beginning May 11 until places run out – tel. 12 278 58 49

Ticket pickup and meeting place ul. Zamkowa 8
Get to Wieliczka: City bus route 204, 244, 304, night 904, Rail, private shuttle buses


Jagiellonian University Botanical Gardens

ul. Kopernika 27, tel.12 421 26 20



Cricoteka Tadeusz Kantor Museum

Cricoteka Archive, ul. Kanonicza 5


Gallery and workshop of Tadeusz Kantor, ul. Sienna 7/5


Royal Wawel Castle National Art Collection

Wawel 5, tel. 12 422 51 55


Entrance to Wawel via the Senatorial Gate from 7:00pm to midnight (last entry)




Audio walk – a free mp3 file can be downloaded at krt-festival.pl in the "Artistic City Trips" section, saved to a playback device and accessed at any time while walking through the city. Organized by: Kraków Theatrical Reminiscences


2:00pm–10:00pm "Gazeta Krakowska" booth by the Defensive Walls at ul. Pijarska (handing out newspapers about the Night of the Museums, keepsake photos, commemorative coins).


18 May 2013 (Saturday) at 3:00pm in the Garden of Experiences (Museum of City Engineering) the Grand Experiment of horse pulling will be carried out (Gładiszów Stables)  prepared by members of the Otton von Guericke Society of Magdeburg, with residents of Kraków participating.